In Need of a Philosopher’s Bake Sale

March 24, 2011

I stumbled across this Huffington Post article on Brian Leiter’s blog, again… I would agree both of these cultural figures unintentionally exhibit cultural dilemmas … But, wow,  Rebecca Black (aka, in this article, the proficient “Ms. Black“) is “illustrating”, “articulating” and even “observing ” the crises of western man. And Charlie Sheen is transcending his nihilistic age. This “model” does nothing more than reveal the stress of our economic crisis, rather than addressing a genuine philosophical “dilemma” – when philosophers overtly take desperate and demoralizing measures to can their ideas and sell them to consumers. For me, this analysis has stooped beyond a 3rd rate sociological experiment . It’s propping up blatant insincere pop culture as an intelligent articulation of a philosophical dilemma, in desperation for a good sales pitch. This is an insult to my studies. (My comment is the same on the Huffington Post).



One Response to “In Need of a Philosopher’s Bake Sale”

  1. Conor Says:

    Very nice blog and very interesting posts but can I ask who you are? I couldn’t find this out by flicking around the blog (I am not anybody, by the way, just in case you were going to ask). Best,
    Conor Joyce

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